In August of 2018, Tori was selected to be one of nine members on her university’s Social Media Advisory Council.

From the University of Florida College of Journalism and Communication’s Social Media Advisory Council website:

The Advisory Council role is two-fold. First, the council helps the college confirm and document the skills and capabilities that employers seek in graduates of the social media master’s degree program. Second, the council helps to ensure that the program has adequate resources and a relevant, well-designed curriculum to provide students with the capabilities, knowledge and behaviors necessary to succeed. The Council is chaired by the graduate director of the program.

The expertise of the members varies from news directors to social media personalities to employees at Google, Twitter and Facebook. Tori is the only reporter currently appointed to the council.

As part of her role, she will provide insight on keeping the university’s curriculum up-to-date in regards to social media as well as give lectures to students on using social media as a professional in the real world.

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