The Daytona 500 was red-flagged just 38 laps in on Sunday thanks to heavy showers in the area that lasted all afternoon. In the six hours of rain delay, NASCAR drivers, fans, teams, and media had to find ways to fill the time. From repeat races to toy cars, here are the most entertaining ways they made the most of the bad weather.


1. Watch the replay of last year’s race on FOX thinking it is this year’s race

Faced with TV time to fill until the race resumed, FOX Sports decided to re-air the 2013 Daytona 500 – except many fans had no idea that race had already happened. FOX ran a small ticker on the bottom for a portion of the race that noted the broadcast was from last year, but Twitter was flooded with updates from clueless viewers who thought the race on TV was live. Those tweets, collected in a hilarious post by Deadspin, lauded Danica Patrick for being the first woman to lead a lap at Daytona and congratulated Jimmie Johnson for winning the Daytona 500 two years in a row. Jimmie eventually found out he had “won” a race this afternoon under the red flag.

Jimmie had actually tweeted earlier that he was spending the down time with his daughter. It takes a lot of talent to win a Daytona 500 while you’re watching a movie!


2. Hold a “Fireside Q&A”

Clint Bowyer, known for his no-restraint sense of humor and boisterous personality, took the delay as a chance to interact with his fans. He tweeted a photo of a burning candle and asked fans to participate in a “fireside Q&A.”

In the series of tweets that followed, Bowyer interacted with fans, joking about finding his new fiancé on and his 2012 tiff with Jeff Gordon.


3. Set up a mock Daytona 500 with toy cars – and break the no tandem rule

Turner Scott Motorsports – who had drivers on the pole for both the Nationwide and Camping World Truck races earlier this weekend – took part in the rain delay jokes as well. They tweeted a photo of a track made of wooden blocks filled with toy cars. In the mini 500,Tony Stewart’s No. 14 is tandem drafting Lightning McQueen from the movie Cars, a move that NASCAR ruled illegal this year and has received much criticism for it. That’s a black flag, Smoke. Take a green flag pass through pit road.


4. Slip n slide on the front stretch

The driver in the famed black No. 3 car that has been the center of attention leading up to the 500, Austin Dillon, also decided to join in the fun. He suggested making the most of the loads of water on the track.

Although Dillon never actually participated in a slip n slide (that we know of), some fans did steal his idea to have a little bit of fun in the soggy infield.


5. Play iPhone games with other media members

For the press, there are no fancy motorhomes or haulers to go home to when the rain comes down. Since we were stuck in the same room with the same people for all six hours of the delay, desperate times called for desperate measures. A group of us resorted to playing the “Heads-Up,” a team guessing game on the iPhone, until other media members who were actually using the “working press” room to work told us to quiet down.


The race resumed just after 8:30 PM on Sunday evening. Strangely enough, the broadcast is sponsored by the Noah movie that stars Russell Crowe and tells the Bible story of the earth being wiped out by massive amounts of rain.


This article originally appeared on the Florida Sports Talk website, the media outlet for which Tori was covering the Daytona 500.